The RLP technology integrates the high efficiencyThe “RLP” technology integrates the high efficiency of surperficial localized irrigation with the flexibility and economy of Irrigation systems, Pivots, lateral etc.

Throughout the history of irrigation of mechanized equipment, there have been many irrigation sprinklers designed (impact,rotary, fixed, sprinkler, etc.). With different objectives, longer reach, lower drift, lower working pressure etc., in short, the search for more efficient sprinklers, working at lower pressures is on. But these elements seem to have a top of efficiency for different reasons in which we will not enter in this document.

The efficiencies contrasted with many different sprinklers in a lot of equipments, are normally between 75% and 85%. However in irrigation systems localized, average superficial efficiency ranges between 85% and 95%

Easy to understand, gross irrigation needs of crops are the result of net needs divided by the application efficiency.


A corn crop in the Ebro valley has a

NHn = 590 lts/m2.

If this crop were irrigated by a mechanized system “spray” gross irrigation requirements would be

590/0,85=694,1 lts/m2

However, if irrigation is performed by a localized surface irrigation system, it would be

590/0,95=621 lts/m2

The difference is

73.1 liters / m2, in a 731,000 Lts./ hectare

, A significant water and energy saving.

The RLP technology integrates, sprinkler irrigation in the early stages of cultivation to achieve the nativity of it. An advantage of the sprinkler Irrigation over drip irrigation.

Irrigation systems, Pivots iceinnovapivot-iceinnova-riego

Irrigation systems, Pivotspivot-iceinnova up


After reaching the crop´s nativity we meet the water needs of it, with localized irrigation, with an efficiency of 85% to 95%.




The advanced panel of ICEINNOVA W6 is the fundamental and integral element of the two irrigation systems and has the option of pivot irrigation or drip mode.

Using a spreadsheet expressly made for this effect, all variables in the system will be calculated, and transferred to the panel W6 and thus the equipment will remain configured and get the calculated length of drip hoses, data, etc.





In drip irrigation mode the machine becomes the carrier element of the localized irrigation system.

The covered area has been zoned and the machine moves with high precisión the drip system from one sector to another.

The application will depend on how long the machine stays in each sector.


The cost of implementing the system is relatively small in new instalation machines, which does not usually exceed 15% of the machine.

In addition to the listed benefits,given by the system, it is important to highlight the reduction in the depth of the tracks caused by the wheel system.


In tests on corn, the spacing in the corn plant is 72 cm and the distance between driplines is 144 cm. With this the horizontal movement of water is achieved, a correct overlap and a homogeneous root development as well.

drip-irrigation-corn-ice innova










The elements that hold sprinklers, thanks to its flexible top part can be adjusted among the center of the lines.



The distribution of water in the soil is very uniform leaving dry valleys in lines dripless, the size of these valleys will depend on the distance between the lines.


Indeed, the RLP technology combines the lowest cost of central pivot irrigation system with the high efficiency of drip irrigation. The integration of the two systems optimizes production.

The RLP technology integrates the high efficiency of surperficial localized irrigation

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