Independent mobile equipment for power supply anywhere in the world.
Easy to transport, not only on difficult terrains but also in urbanized areas.

It is a lightweight and compact pack for its transport, with the necessary interior space to accommodate electronic and electrical equipment giving great versatility for the installation, basic thing to have it installed in the least accessible locations.

Two ways of electricity production:
– Set of 30 photovoltaic panels 250Wp which take advantage of the inexhaustible resources of solar radiation and get considerable savings in fuel and return on investment.
– Supportive generator to ensure the requested rated power and a continuous supply.
A group of the most cutting-edge and resistant tested materials to ensure durability of the electricity set.
High quality components to guarantee the products installed up to 10 years in photovoltaic modules and 25 years on the generator.
Storage system in compact batteries to ensure ideal storage of the energy generated, with a working life of 12 years, just following simple maintainance instructions.
Remote monitoring system, controling at all times the status of its production. Advising lack of solar production, lack of fuel, and installation defect. Optional installation of an alarm system in case of entry or servicing the equipment.
Quick and easy installation Method, offering a significant reduction in working time and handling costs. Fully set and tested in advance, only having to consider its location and transportation management.
Immediate production of electrical energy.

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