Irrigation systems with central pivot, irrigate large surfaces of circular shape. These are generally used in fields where we want to increase irrigation efficiency, having a more efficient use of water and increasing crop yields. The efficiency with pivot irrigation is between 85% – 90%.

This system adapts to uneven terrains. They can be used in areas with up to 30% slope.

Water distribution along the structure can be adjusted by selecting the size and spacing of the nozzles. Sprinklers located near the center of the pivot need to deliver less water than those located close to the end. With the new technology in sprinkler for pivots, designers have managed to lower the operating pressure of the sprinklers (up 6-10psi = 0,42-0,7bar); and thus, the operating pressure of the pivots (and power consumption).

Crops generally irrigated with central pivot systems are corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, peanuts, potatoes, sunflower, Lucernes, sorghum, sugar beet, vegetables, natural pastures, etc. There are also facilities where sprinklers have been replaced by dripper lines, allowing water drip some crops, but at a lower installation cost.

The pivots can be operated by simple boards or up to complex computer systems with communication by telephone or radio. In this case, the pivot may, for example, be operated depending on the soil moisture or weather conditions.


    • Vertical pipe 8 “manufactured in one piece
    • Fold profile Pyramid legs (laser cut).
    • Complete angles around pyramid waist to strengthen and stabilize.
    • Angles screwed inside the pyramid legs to remove protruding edges.
    • Rotating triple lip gasket connection, made of stainless steel.
    • Angles in vertical pipe as a protection of water hammer.

pivot ice innova

  • Pivotflex to absorb unevenness in the first tower.
  • Fully galvanized base and rotating elbow.
  • Triple lip gasket for a leak free application.
  • Ladder supplied as standard.
  • High profiles available for sugar cane crops.
  • Possible design and supply of the gooseneck of the pivot with customized hydraulic components.
  • Base 8 “5/8 (219 mm.)


  • Reinforced base for long pivots.
  • Movable carts with 4 wheels fixed or adjustable to irrigate more fields with one pivot.
  • Feeding hose for movable pivot with valves and elbows for each hydrant.

Base heights available:

  • Standard profile: 4.0 m.
  • High profile: 5.0 m.


    • Bolts (standard  frame 2.905mx 2.905m).

pivot irrigation side view

  • Anchor feet.
  • Legs base.
  • Reinforcing belt for the pyramid.
  • Ladder.
  • Rotating elbow.
  • Vertical pipe.
  • Lower elbow.

Several span lengths to adjust the length of the machine to the dimensions of the field. All supplied with galvanized caps.

Spacing available:pivot de riego

  • Spans: 1.90m. and 2.90m. (75 “and 113”)
  • Overhangs: 0.76m. (30 “)

Standard pipe thickness:

  • 3 mm. (4mm. Optional)

Flange thickness:

  • 10 mm.-14 mm. Holes with M-12 screws and zinc plated lock nuts.

Protections available:

  • Standard protection: Galvanized pipe (Hot galvanizing according to ASTM 123 average thickness: 90 microns)
  • Protection against corrosive waters: PermaPipe ® pipe (Polyurethane Inner Galvanized lining).


  • Perfect parabolic shaped pipe for míminimum effort in the structure.
  • V angles in the structure for an optimal distribution of weight or length. 50x50x5mm profile angles. The hardest structure in the market.
  • Welded supports, with perimeter cord for a minimal stress in the pipes.
  • High strength truss rods made of high resistance steel 20 mm. diameter, Hot made wrought steel head.
  • Symetric intermediate pipes of spans for making assembly easier.
  • Trapezoidal reinforcement plates for a better stability.
  • 11 wires Electric cable GA12 (4 x 4mm x 1.5mm ² + 7 ²).
  • For long pivots: 11 wires GA10 (4 x 6 mm ² + 7 x 2.5mm ²) Optional.

The union between spans by ball joint allows the absortion of large slopes, both transversely (20%), and longitudinally (15%).

The ball joint allows the rotation of a span respect the next one when a pivot tower is climbing a slope while the other ones are going down.

Reinforced rubber hose with flexible and stainless steel clamps, and worm screw adjustment.

Span towers designed to withstand the stress generated by the hills and grooves of the crop. The towers are formed by four angles 75x75x8mm standard profile. Ladders on both sides and diagonals reinforcing pipes. Compression pipes stabilize both the span and the tower in extreme terrain conditions.

Characteristics:Pivot irrigation iceinnova

  • Tower formed with four V angles, double ladder and diagonal reinforcement.
  • Trapezoidal reinforcing plate mounted on the angles of the tower.
  • Transverse stabilizing bar, mounted between truss and compression pipes.

Features and Benefits:

    • Aluminum housing with gears and high resistance bearings.
    • Helical gear to extend the life and quiet operation.
    • Compatible with all brands.
    • Interchangeable with Valley units.

motoreductores iceinnova

  • Aluminum motor housing with cooling fins.
  • Box sealed with O ring.
  • Sealing of all gearmotor connections.
  • Three drain accesses for engine condensation.
  • Screw terminal box for the cable connector.
  • Three phase (460V / 60Hz – 400V / 50Hz).
  • Class F Installation.
  • Thermic protection.
  • UL and CSA certified.
  • Continuous service.

Features and Benefits:

    • Dual seals.

Motoreductores iceinnovaº

  • Larger bearings with reinforced base.
  • Stainless steel dilatation chamber
  • Universal bolts.
  • Condensation diaphragm.
  • Available ratios 50: 1 and 52: 1
  • Stainless Steel, high performance gear and worm.
  • Lubricacion by valvuline SAE-140.

Sprinkler chart is calculated according to the pressure data available for each pivot. The minimum overlap between sprinkler irrigation, will be more than 150%, and the theorical risk uniformity coefficient is 85% or higher. Different heights by the use of flexible downspouts are available.


    • All downspouts, sprinklers and accessories, are threaded 3/4. “.

carta de aspersión ice

  • Galvanized goosenecks 180º single or covered.
  • Heavy duty flexible hose PN6.
  • Plastic weights tubular shaped or galvanized, steel pipes.
  • Stainless steel clamps.
  • Pressure regulators 10/15/20/30 PSI.
  • Nelson/Seninger sprinklers (All models)
  • Nelson/Komet end guns (All models)


  • Overpressure pumps (Berkeley pumps 2/5 hp, stainless steel submerged pump. 3 HP)
  • Dry footprint system with flexible or rigid downpouts (directional spray nozzles type with retroextensions 1 m. far from wheel)

The circuits of the electrical system work at 400/460 V, 50/60 Hz AC. The system incorporates a transformer 460 / 120V for the circuits control, as well as the safety circuit.

Electric cables

  • Span cable made of flexible copper, 11 wires multicore, vinyl insulated type RV with treatement for UV radiation. 0.6 / 1.0 Kv
  • Color code
  • Roll length according to span length
  • Power cable from tower box to gearmotor 4 wires, vinyl insulated type RV treatment for UV radiation. 0.6 / 1.0 Kv.

Collector ring

    • It is mounted on a “J” pipe, made of stainless steel through the rotating elbow.
    • Fully waterproof.
    • Protection IP55.

Apartado eléctrico

  • PVC cap
  • Isolation 0.6 / 1.0 Kv
  • 11 wires 600V – 35 A max.

Electric tower box

  • Each drive unit has an electric box.
  • Protection IP55.
  • PVC cap.
  • Isolation 0.6 / 1.0 Kv.
  • There are three types of boxes: Intermediate, penultimate and last.
  • Its main components are::

General Safety Switch

Microswitch alignment (except last box)

Security microswitch (except last box)

Contactor for electric motor

Terminal strip

Overwatering timer (only in penultimate box)

Motor protection thermal magnetic circuit breaker (optional)

Electric Panels to control pivot Controller Series

  • Ranges from Basic, to Standard and Advanced
  • Electric and electronic system.
  • Protection Index IP65 IK10
  • Voltage: 400/480 Vac 50/60 Hz
  • Current: 16 / 25A

Controles series