Modular pumping stationsThe modular system developed by our company, allows you to adjust all modules needed in your proyect.

The equipment of the modules is 100% made in our factory, with all the necessary means to achieve the highest quality installation and full reliability.
Our modules are dimensionally prepared to be transported in ground or sea containers wherever it is necessary (two modules in a 40-feet container).
On location, when installation conditions are minimal, the consolidation of the affected area is necessary.
Our extensive experience gives us the capacity to make technical designs, construction and the logistics necessary for optimal execution and implementation of your project.

The main structure of the modules is composed by a piped structural chassis 120x120x5 mm quality S275-JOH.
The dimensions are 5750 (length) x 2200 (width) x 2500 (high).
The perimeter support base incorporates three transverse reinforcements of the same structural pipe, providing a solid platform to the load resistance.
The upper strut of the module is transversely composed of the same profile as the base and formed of longitudinally 120x200x6 mm steel sheet which works as a support and a drainage channel and to cover the profiles. The whole structure has been galvanized in order to protect it from oxidation and increase its conservation.

Metal rack composed of several equal and parallel strips, placed edgewise and separated one from each other, which perpendicularly has all its crossings or intersections welded, rods diameter thicker than the plates thickness.
The pieces have been galvanized for optimal preservation.

The cabinet is made with wavy panels 50 mm thick and in accrodance with the following characteristics:
Interior and Exterior side: Cold forming Profile, made of prepainted steel according to UNE-EN 10169 of 0.5 mm. 1 mm. Thick, premium quality material.
Insulation Core: Sheetrock with oriented and high density fiber, (100 kg / m3 to 175 kg / m3), 40 mm. thick, much more adherent.
Joints protector: Profile made cold, with the same finish as the outside of the panel.
Fire system classification: Our fire system has a wide range of approvals that are being constantly expanded in order to adapt it to the latest and most demanding market needs. The insulating core has been certified according to its fire behavior pursuant to DIN EN 13501-1 as A1.

The enclosure of the cover is made with a sandwich panel 50 mm thick with the following characteristics:
Internal and External side: Profile made cold, manufactured of prepainted Steel, according to UNE-EN 10169 of 0.5 mm. 1 mm. thick with 1st quality steel material.
Core Insulation: High density sheetrock (100 kg / m3 to 175 kg / m3), 40 mm. thick, much more adherent.
Joints protector: Profile made cold, with the same finish as the outside of the panel.

The electrical installation of the modules is made and installed according to the low voltage rules and regulations, and with all lines protected by PVC pipes.
The electrical components of the installation of power and lighting meet the sealing and resistance levels required by the low voltage regulations.
The lighting and power circuits are under magnetic protection and differential in accordance with the Low Voltage Regulation.
• Box Rush and bypass
• Waterproff screen 2 x 65 w
• Box with lighting switch.
• Box with socket 16 A.

The modular house is equipped around all its outer circumference with a grid for the air circulation and ventilation of the inner part, This grid is made of slats of carbon steel with a spacing of 30 mm arranged in a way that water can not get inside the cabin, even if it pushes with a lot of energy.
In the inside of the grid there is a second anti birds built in provex metal mesh, 20 x 10 mm.
The grid finish is the same as that one of the structure.
The access door to the house consists of two hinged and are topped with metal profile 4mm.
They are paneled with the same material as the rest of the cabinet.
It incorporates internal and external latches for security.