The highly qualified ICE Innova SL. Technical Department, is always studying the best solution for your installation.

Some of our previous works include:

  • The terrain measurement in order to obtain the dimensioned drawing with contour lines
  • Weather conditions of the area
  • The type of soil where the installation will be located.

It is essential to have the necessary information to determine the pumping required, the head-filter to use, the system to irrigate fertilizer, the best type of drops, the planting frame, the most useful design and the necessary and efficient calculations.

The attached document shows the different irrigation systems we use

Index Mobile Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • Diagram 1 Ha. ——————1
  • Diagram 3 ———————-2
  • Diagram 6 —————–3
  • Diagram 12—————- 4
  • Tuberí General ———- 5
  • Pipe Holdercarriage———- 6
  • General pipe Accessories——7
  • Mobilesystem connetion———12
  • Lateral Irrigation ————–13

Semistationary Sprinkler Irrigation System

  • Diagram 1 Ha .—————-18
  • Diagram 2 ——————–19
  • “A” Diagram 2 ———– 20
  • “B” Diagram 2 ———– 21
  • “C” Diagram 4 ———– 22
  • Diagram 6 —————23
  • Diagram 12 —————–24
  • PVC General Pipes —— 25
  • PE General Pipes ————-26
  • Hydrant ———————–27
  • Lateral Irrigation ————-30

Pumps: -Impulse-Suction

  • Pumps ———————–37
  • Pumps Accessories ———- 38
  • Pressure loss chart —-45

Fertigation is the application of solid fertilizers (diluted) or liquid to the crops by pressurized irrigation systems or drip. The expansion of this technique is associated with the use of irrigation equipment, which is strongly  growing. Although there is a limited distribution, It has a lot  of advantages. For extensive field crops, fertigation reduces the costs of application of fertilizer per hectare as both operations are done at the same time and using the same irrigation equipment. This cost savings brings  another advantage, fertigation reduces the impact compaction or damage to crops.

ICE trades a slow mobile equipment for fertigation on axle trailer with towbar (maximum load 2500kg) composed by a dosing pump with turbine agitator and monoblock container with the following characteristics:

Electric metering pump piston:
Flow rate 10-500 l / h – pressure up to 20bars

Made of:

Turbine agitator for deposits:
Capacity: 100 to 3000 liters

Monoblock deposit:

  • Modeled by linear high density polyethylene rotation, food quality, protected from sunlight.
  • screwed cap
  • Yellow color
  • Volume: 1500 L
  • Weight: 75 kg


  • Reservoir molded in one piece, without glue or solder, therefore perfectly sealed and waterproof.
  • Excellent shock resistance, toughness of the tanks.
  • Smooth inner surface prevents from waste seats and makes cleaning a lot easier.
  • Translucent wall which allows you to check the current content level.
  • Hole at the bottom that allows you to place an exit of the reservoir.

More information: 

A large part of the arable land of Spain, most of the year suffers insufficient rainfall, it is increasingly common and occurs in the least propitious moment for crops. Trying to strike these situations back, techniques that claim to be increasingly efficient in the management and conservation of water are designed.

One of the most successful, widely accepted and used, is  The drip irrigation, which is to supply water only where the roots are grown
Besides the application of water to the ground, this system enables the supply of the fertilizers needed. It is advisable to water frequently, and in relatively small amounts, this is to say, the number of Irrigations in a campaign can be increasingly raised providing an amount of water and fertilizer relatively small. It is intended with this methodology that water and nutrients available in the soil are in the best conditions to be extracted by the plants, and in a virtually constant level, without fluctuations that may affect the final production of the crop.

General characteristics:

  • The whole volume of soil that the root system of the plant could explore is not wet.
  • To meet the needs of crops in small doses as irrigation, applied with high frequency is used.
  • The soil moisture regime is modified: the soils are constantly kept near the field capacity moisture.
  • It is aimed to meet the needs of the plant irrigation and not to overwater the soil.

The hose reel irrigation is a solution for small fields and for emergency irrigation. The machine puts together the controls and hydraulic control all in one area, for a faster and more effective management, may also have a solar panel programmer.

The hose reel irrigation has a robust and compact hydraulic rotation system. It incorporates several safety devices for PTO and rewinding. Support feet (telescopic extraction) or manually actuated by hydraulic pistons that allow a safe and effective anchoring of the machine in all conditions. The coil that picks up the hose is supported with large waterproof bearings for working long hours without maintenance. The coil transmits motion to the roller through a gear ring.The axis of the coil includes a wear cap grinding hardened steel.

Furrow irrigation is used in areas where there is good availability of water and the land has slopes less than 3%. This type of irrigation provides a constant production throughout the year and with no problems due to the lack of water.

ICE innova offers design and contraction of this irrigation system for solving problems with drought, as derived from this as melga irrigation systems and flood irrigation furrows, etc.

This system is preferred for its low cost of construction.