Sistemas de riego ice

ICE Irrigation

The highly qualified ICE Innova SL. Technical Department, is always studying the best solution for your installation. Some of our previous works include: The terrain measurement in order to obtain the dimensioned drawing with contour lines Weather conditions of the area The type of soil where the

Pivot de riego ice

ICE Pivot

Irrigation systems with central pivot, irrigate large surfaces of circular shape. These are generally used in fields where we want to increase irrigation efficiency, having a more efficient use of water and increasing crop yields. The efficiency with pivot irrigation

Paneles de mando ice innova

ICE Panels

Irrigation Components (ICEINNOVA) manufactures control panels for several applications such as Pivot panels, Pump panels, control panels, etc. The development of different panels, particularly related to irrigation, is our speciality, our extensive experience in the field, gives us the capacity

Grupos electrógenos ICE

ICE Generators

One of the most common uses is to generate electricity in places where there is no power supply. These are usually remote areas with little infrastructure and with a very low population. Another case would be in public places such

Energías renovables ICE

ICE Renewables

Independent mobile equipment for power supply anywhere in the world. Easy to transport, not only on difficult terrains but also in urbanized areas. It is a lightweight and compact pack for its transport, with the necessary interior space to accommodate electronic

Módulos ICE

ICE Module

The modular system developed by our company, allows you to adjust all modules needed in your proyect. The equipment of the modules is 100% made in our factory, with all the necessary means to achieve the highest quality installation and full